U.S.-Funded Ukrainian Bio Labs Benefit Globalism

http://honeybeebakesepping.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://honeybeebakesepping.co.uk/blog/ “Friday evening will be beautiful for the whole world.” Whether this creepy quote making the rounds and being attributed to the Kremlin is authentic or not doesn’t really matter — it seems there will soon be significant revelations about US-funded biological labs in Ukraine. The Russians say that they have evidence of a U.S.-funded bio program in their neighboring country and have promised to expediently bring forward evidence to support that claim. Both Russia and China are calling for a United Nations-directed investigation of such a possible bio program.

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This is a dangerous time for the nation-state. It would bring me great joy to see Anthony Fauci and his coconspirators get pinched for crimes against humanity but the ramifications of this scenario could be devastating for the U.S. in a couple of ways. First, this would be the perfect opportunity for globalists to demonstrate the need for one-world governance. The globalists will contend, as they have for decades, that the nation-state system is passé and presents untenable risk to global peace and security. It’s not difficult to imagine how the globalists would use this situation to ratify more multinational pacts and treaties to nudge us ever closer towards a NWO. Secondly, the U.S. could be saddled with catastrophic financial liability with resulting Weimar era Germany-style hyperinflation if the globalist-run UN pins the blame for COVID-19 on U.S. bureaucrats. A global reparations scenario would no doubt help advance other globalist initiatives, like universal basic income.

As this story unfolds, potential liability of the United States and how it might impact her citizens will be my primary concern. Identifying the players, particularly those more clandestinely involved, will be critical in determining the true perpetrators.  It’s worth remembering that curiously at the center of the USA’s biological program in Wuhan, China is EcoHealth Alliance, an organization with close ties to the British crown. Will EcoHealth Alliance also be in the mix with the nefarious programs in Ukraine? I’d bet they are. In my view, the British since 1776 have never given up on reclaiming or, alternatively, destroying America. Have the globalists (including the British), along with the Russians and Chinese all conspired to smash the U.S. into bits? I wouldn’t venture a guess right now, the events have become dizzying. Friday evening may bring some clarity but I doubt it will be beautiful for the WHOLE world. It seems we’re on track for someone to pay dearly.