World Economic Forum: Continuation of the Third Reich?

Bocaiúva The recent Credit Suisse whistleblower leak revealed that the banking giant’s clients include intelligence agencies and dictators around the world. The implication is that the off-the-record funds held by Credit Suisse for intelligence agencies were for clandestine operations. The leak also helped me connect some dots that reveal some interesting connections related to Klaus Schwab.

Alfred Escher founded Credit Suisse in 1859. Alfred’s grandfather was Hans Caspar Escher, the founder of Escher-Wyss, a company that would go on to be named a “National Socialist Model Company“ by the Nazi party for its service providing armaments to the Third Reich. During the war, Klaus Schwab’s father, Eugen, was Managing Director of Escher-Wyss. By 1966, Klaus himself was on the board of directors when Escher-Wyss merged with Sulzer.

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While doing some quick research for this post, I also learned that Klaus’ presence on the Escher-Wyss board of directors spanned the time when company leadership decided it would provide the apartheid era South African regime with the means to become a nuclear power. During this period of South African history, and still today, the Western European oligarchy, very much including the modern British Empire — the undisputed giant of banking and prominent funder of Hitler’s Nazis — was running ‘divide and rule’ operations on the nation’s citizens while pillaging the nation’s resources. 

This is the moral and ideological cloth from which the World Economic Forum is cut. Freedom-loving people have been fighting this evil for decades, if not centuries. It’s beyond time to expose the WEF, its associations, and its co-conspirators within our governments. Author James Lindsay has had an interesting thought on how best to hold to account the compromised politicians that serve the WEF above the people. Lindsay’s calls his idea “Ze Great Bargain.” We must do something. Inaction while remaining in a state of perception about our enemies is no longer viable if the people are to prevail.