Tips to Keep Your $ Away from Globalists Before making a purchase, some quick research and good habits can make a big impact on who profits from your money. Here are some tips to help divert $ away from globalist-types and and hedge funds and towards privately-owned small businesses and companies that manufacture in the U.S.

isochronally 1. Use Amazon’s robust selection to find the best product for your needs. Many times you will find that the company that manufactures/distributes the product and sells it on Amazon also offers it for sale on their own website. I did this recently with a cool cigar holder that sticks magnetically to a golf cart. A small victory over Jeff Bezos.

purchase Lyrica online 2. Read the ‘About’ section of a company’s website prior to making a purchase. Most privately-owned American companies and/or companies that manufacture its products in the U.S. will proudly say so in this section. You may also come across some key buzzwords in this section of a website that tip you off to a company’s progressive leanings.

3. Search the name of the company you’re thinking of purchasing from along with the words “primary shareholders.” If it’s a big company, discouragingly often, you will find the company is owned or managed by some combination of hedge funds; most commonly you will see BlackRock, Berkshire Hathaway, Vanguard and State Street in your search results. Avoid purchasing from these organizations whenever possible. On the other hand, you might learn that the company has public ownership but the majority shareholder is the founder or the founder’s family. A similar scenario came up when I was recently looking into Publix; the Jenkins family is the majority shareholder (20%), but in this case the remaining shares are owned by Publix employees. Purchasing from an organization like this could be a better option, but additional research on the owner(s) is advisable.

4. Pay with cash whenever possible. Of course, maintaining anonymity is great. There’s also the big bonus of keeping a percentage out of the hands of big finance in the form of processing fees.

5. Use the Defund Globalism search tool to immediately find out if the product is associated with a World Economic Forum-partner company or a company engaged in some form of cultural Marxism.